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  • yerma

    My Top Ten Theatre Shows of 2016

    2016, you may have been crap for a lot of things but theatre was certainly not one of them. There has been so much astounding talent and British theatre has offered…

  • whats in a poster

    BLOG: What’s in a poster?

    Stage sets are certainly getting slicker, more spectacular and grander (Rice-gate not included) as worlds are created and transformed in front of our eyes. They create atmospheres and are the veins…

  • boy almeida
    Off West End Review

    Boy – Almeida Theatre

    Life can often feel a bit like a conveyor belt. Constantly moving in the same direction, occasionally getting on or off but if you stand still for too long, you begin…

  • Review


    How far would you go to have your own house? Would you allow your life to become a game show? Would you give up your privacy? How about subject yourself to…

  • king charles iii
    Review West End

    King Charles III

    God save the King, King Charles III. The Queen has died and after years of waiting, Charles can now wear the crown in this new play by Mike Bartlett. Following a…