What happens when you get a group of theatre lovers, mix them with some superb Espresso Martinis and stick them in Soho Grind?  – You get the LDNTheatreBloggers.

On Monday evening I attended a networking event organised by the wonderful people at Official Theatre at the Soho Grind. As a newbie to the group and feeling a little ‘blind date’ nervous I was greeted by a lovely and welcoming bunch of people who were as passionate about theatre as I was. With prosecco in hand and cheese in the other, everyone was discussing the shows they’d seen that week, blog problems and offering lots of tips and advice, it was great to finally put some faces to blogs that I follow avidly.

We were treated to an Espresso Martini master class (where I witnessed some very competitive bloggers and great coffee-punning – Starlight Espresso, genuis!) followed by a beautiful acoustic performance by Bity Booker.

James from Seat Plan was then on hand to talk to us about their fantastic new website that allows you to read reviews of seats in theatres. He called upon fellow theatre goers to evaluate views, legroom, comfort and so on to help others when booking tickets to get an accurate idea of what essentially they’ll get for their money. Fantastic idea.This was a really wonderful evening and filled me full of blog love. I can’t wait to all get together again soon, big thanks to Rebecca from Official Theatre.

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