evening standard theatre awards

Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2016 – Shortlist Announced!

It’s that time of year again when theatres finest come out in force to celebrate the 62nd London Evening Standard Theatre Awards at the Old Vic Theatre.  It’s been a fantastic year for British theatre that saw Glenn Close return to the stage as reclusive star Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Noma Dumezweni dazzled in…

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howard brenton

Q&A: Howard Brenton (Magnificence, Finborough Theatre)

Howard Brenton’s 1973 masterpiece Magnificence will be revived at the Finborough Theatre this month.  It originally premiered at the Royal Court, and over 40 years on many of the themes still remain burning issues today. Both epic and intimate, Brenton’s play takes us from the grubby barracks of the revolutionary struggle, to the heart of centre-right Tory…

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FEATURE: The Importance & Relevance Of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Today

George Orwell’s classic novel ‘1984’ has an enduring appeal simply because it is a superbly written piece of work. Of course there are probably thousands of books that have that quality, but they can’t also lay claim to having shaped our thinking and prophesied our future in quite the same way. A full 68 years…

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moby dick

Moby Dick! The Musical – Union Theatre

The cult musical and sensational 90s flop for Cameron Mackintosh has been revived at the Union Theatre, directed and choreographed by Andrew Wright. After hearing the word ‘bonkers’ bandied around too many times to mention, a friend told me to go with an open mind… open of whale-istic proportions as bonkers it certainly is. It’s…

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Ragtime – Charing Cross Theatre

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. The wooden, star-spangled banner bedecks the stage arch at the Charing Cross Theatre for Thom Southerland’s sensational and triumphant revival of Ragtime. It stands as a reminder of the freedom that America promises and the…

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the book club

The Book Club – King’s Head Theatre

Debs longs for excitement and passion in her life. Her husband has left her a sports widow and the kids have moved out of home, so her fantasies of illicit romances and passionate clinches are confined to the pages of her book club… or are they? Set in middleclass suburbia, Prisoner Cell Block H star…

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this little life of mine

This Little Life Of Mine – Park Theatre

This Little Life of Mine is a brand new musical from Stage Traffic Productions depicting the lives and struggles of a twenty-something couple living in London. It feels like it leapt out of the screen from a Richard Curtis film, with lashings of comedy and plenty of heart. After securing their small, overpriced apartment, Izzy…

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lunch and the bow of ulysses

Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses – Trafalgar Studios

It’s a gloomy realisation that a relationship can dissolve over the years, only now to be defined by the technological hold you have over each other – ‘you need me, how else would you work Sky.’ Steven Berkoff beautifully depicts the relationship of a couple over the span of twenty years in his two single-act…

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Confessional – Southwark Playhouse

Production company Tramp catapult Tennessee William’s 1970 play right into the heart of a 20s-something rundown, seaside pub in Essex. The carpet’s sticky, the beer is cheap and the karaoke’s on Tuesdays. It’s where the chav-tastic locals of a nearby trailer park go to sink their woes, chat up the women and indulge in the drama…

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amanda muggleton

Q&A: Amanda Muggleton (The Book Club)

Australia’s leading lady – Amanda Muggleton, returns to the London stage in Roger Hall’s comedy The Book Club at the Kings Head Theatre. Deb feels like something is missing in her life, she’s a sport-widow and children have left home so she has nothing to do but daydream. As a self-confessed bookaholic, she joins a local…

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Travesties – Menier Chocolate Factory

What a cast. What a director. What a playwright. What a bizarre play. During the couple of hours at the Menier Chocolate Factory, Patrick Marber directs a greatly funny, hugely intellectual but slightly baffling production of Tom Stoppard’s Travesties. It’s fair to say there were moments I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. But…

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in the heights

In The Heights – Kings Cross Theatre

To celebrate the first birthday of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s super sizzling production of In The Heights, I returned to the barrio at the Kings Cross Theatre for an energetic evening of salsa-rific moves, blistering routines and a Latino score to pop to.  After being treated to an introduction in salsa and the ‘arm-breaker’ by the electric…

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Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses

Q&A: Shaun Dooley and Emily Bruni (Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses)

Berkoff’s finest pieces – Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses – has been revived by Director Nigel Harman and premieres at Trafalgar Studios early October. It explores human relationships after a couple meet for the first time on a park bench and we witness them two decades later after years of coupledom. This two-parter, promises to be an…

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moby dick the musical

Q&A: Brenda Edwards (Moby Dick! The Musical)

Moby Dick! The Musical opens at the new Union Theatre next month, boasting an excellent cast including X-Factor finalists Anton Stephans and Brenda Edwards. Originally produced by Cameron Mackintosh, the musical hasn’t been seen in the UK since 1992. Described as a saucy cult hit, we caught up with vocal sensation Brenda Edwards, who answered our quickfire…

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27 – The Cockpit

27 – the age Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain and Winehouse all succumbed to super stardom and met their fate. So the conclusion for our Rock-star lead in this new musical is pretty much certain from the outset. Sam Cassidy has penned down the music, story and lyrics with the help of Matt Willis, to tell the…

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